For Humans:

Hello! My name is Michelle and I am a writer of fiction.

This is part of my 12 novels project, in which I am writing one 50,000 word novel every month in 2012, and blogging about it over here.

This month, I decided I’d try something different, and I would write a novel entirely of blog posts. Every post is first draft, edited only for continuity and typos (though I am sure I have left plenty of them behind in my word-heavy daze.

Please feel free to comment and play along as faeries, goblins, trolls, anything you like. I’m totally willing to continue any new conversation started.

Oh, and feel free to point out any errors if you notice them.

For Faeries:

Help! I am being held prisoner against my will, detached from my magical powers and forced to play along with this human persona plan.

I am was an investigative reporter for the Winged Weekly, one of the best and most in-depth chronicle on all things fae. I may have stumbled upon a few unfortunate secrets a few months ago while trying to follow up on the trial of my other sister Fauna, and since that discovery have been forced persuaded to persue lighter forms of investigation.

This blog is all about my journey of learning to live in a human world without the use of magics. I have been given a most generous gift of a human-like existence by the Council of Magical Affairs, a most fair and just order indeed*. My magical powers have been deactivated in order to not allow me escape the temptation of using my magics in the assistance of day to day living, and I must now truly learn to live as humans do, live among thier world and deal with the many trials of non-magical living.

Of course, I am a spiritedly pixie and I shall persevere. This blog is to serve as a guide and a companion to those pixies living both voluntarily and involuntarily in the human world without magical abilities or help.

I will strive to report in detail on aspects of what humans consider everyday and mundane. The fae life is very easy compared to the strife of humans. They must clean their bodies and dishes and houses, they must maintain their lives, and take jobs in which they make imaginary currency to buy real things and experiences and airplane tickets to faraway lands.

It is a hard existence. No helper pixies to aid in life, no immediate glamorous to change appearance and clothing, no instant clean powder to sprinkle over whatever is dirty…

Oh, how I miss it.

But, my dear fae friends, I soldier on and learn to live as the humans do. Until the blighted an Blessed Council of Magical Affairs chooses to free me.

Or, until something else happens.

*If this is true, I’ll eat my human shoes, rubber soles and all.

(494 words)


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  1. We’ve mentioned and linked your blog in our own acceptance of the Kreativ Blogger award with which we passed the compliment along to a few others at http://whirlingpoint.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/feeling-and-sharing-the-love/ Though there really is no obligation to the whole thing and we would love to continue to recommend your blog to our own visitors, any link deletion requests will be immediately honored by any who feel it’s just not anything they want to be in any way remotely associated with. It appears as though the procedure if you would like to post it as well is just to save the graphic from the blogger who passed it along to you, ie at above link.

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